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His dick was WAY too big.

Pretty good stuff, but..

You color, painings, drawings, everything. Just great, but.... STOP DRAWING IN FLASH. Draw in Illustrator. Flash's paintbrush sucks ass an it makes you look bad. Illustrator is far superior for drawing. I want you to draw your next piece in it, ok?


Yeah, I saw it too. I used to have condoms on all my dates. No one was mad. Hell, some of them had condoms too. You gotta be careful these days.

Good enough

Not sure you needed to redo this. The original was fun. Still extremely fun, esp when the harmonies come in.

Diego_Taa you're gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But you are. I mean, for a penis (which is used in heterosexual acts, btw) to make you so upset must mean you're hiding something from yourself. It must be so sad, all those attempts to jerk off to lesbian born and you can't even get it up. Sad.

To the rest of you children, speaking as a straight man with a wife and kid, let stop using the term "gay" as a general insult. I know Kurt Cobain did it (do you remember him), but he was doing it ironically. If you don't get satire you're not adult enough.

koit responds:

I wanted to re-do as I every time I reviewed the original, it gnawed at me. So I had to.

In terms of the reviews I get, people are often so easily offended. Despite my warnings at the front of my cartoons, they get ignored and then I get attacked/questioned.

It makes me question people's ability to read and understand warnings and then adhere to them.


What's with the Hasidic Jew and Mussolini? I don't get it.

Un-J responds:

can't you see it's love? :(

Brilliantly abstact horror

I don't understand why shit like 12oz Mouse is on Cartoon Network while this isn't.


amazing. an entire series whos popularity is most likelt solely based on the hope some ugly goth chick will show her nipple. What kids won't do fot nipples.

Hmmm.... Too long

Doesn't get to the point fast enough. You were too busy making fun of the people who rejected you in highschool. Get to the target sooner next time and don't sound so bitter while doing it.

Anime, I must say

Anime is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad it's finally reaching our shores en masse. However, I'm sick of seeing artists merely emulating it. Let's all remember that animation is an American art form first nad foremost. Anime is something that should be admired and inspired, but not out right copied. And I say this not just because some kids are enamored with it enough to make Flash movies, but because shows like "Teen Titans" not only copy the look and dynamics of anime, but its cultural iconography as well (ie "giant sweat drop" to show embarassment). We aren't the first to be inspired by the east. Van Gogh fell in love with the abstract landscapes of Japanese wood prints, but his paintings look nothing like them. Remember this when you sit down to create. You are unique and your work should show that.

Don't whine

I think its funny as hell, but I'm turned off by you warning everyone to not tell you they are offened. If you're going to make a film with poo and semen you should expect and enjoy such complaints. Its part of the turf. If you don't want it then don't make these kinds of films.

People walking on the moon, smog will get you pretty soon.

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